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How do I register for the loyalty programme?

You automatically become a member when you place an order. As of 16 March 2021, the programme has been completely renewed with extra benefits! Every order will be taken into account from 16 March 2021 and you will be awarded a status of Bronze, Silver or Gold. Each status entitles you to certain benefits.

How are my points calculated?

Points are calculated on the amount of the articles in your order, excluding shipping costs, deposit on empty kegs, Hopt gift cards and the Hopt wallet.

For every € you spend on our site, you receive 1 point.

What are the benefits?

When you reach 150 points, it will be automatically converted into a discount of € 7 in your HOPT wallet! You can use your wallet for a discount on your next order. The money in your wallet never expires.

Points however expire if you do not place a new order within one year (365 days) after your last order. So if you have e.g. 120 points for a year they will expire.

Please note: If you use money from your wallet to pay for a new order, you will not receive any points over that amount. For example: You place an order for €150. You pay €143 from your bank account and €7 from your wallet. You will receive 143 points (and not 150) for this order.

Other benefits

You will also receive a discount code around your birthday, gadgets, points and sometimes extra discounts depending on your status! 🥇🥈🥉

You can check your status and points balance at any time here: https://www.hopt.se/my-account/loyalty-program.

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